Pre-Pay Billing

Want more control over your electric bill? SAEC’s new Pre-Pay Billing Program can help. Starting Sept. 1, SAEC will roll out a whole new way to pay your bill and monitor your electricity usage. The SAEC Pre-Pay Billing Program keeps unwelcome surprises out of your mailbox, while helping you keep track of how much energy you’re using.

What is Pre-Pay?

The SAEC Pre-Pay program does just what it says: It allows members to pay their electric bill up front instead of waiting for a bill each month. You can fill up your Pre-Pay account like you would your car’s gas tank. When your account gets low, add more money any time of day or night. No more waiting in dread for that monthly bill — your account is right at your fingertips, either through your smartphone with our SAEC app or on your computer.
We’ll also send either daily text messages or emails showing your electric usage. This helps you keep a close eye on your electricity usage instead of waiting for a printout in your monthly bill. That way, you can pinpoint the times when you are using the most energy and have the option of reducing it.

How does it work?

As a member of the Pre-Pay program, you no longer receive a power bill, and you won’t be charged disconnect or reconnect fees. Your account balance and energy usage will be available online or on your phone.
The Pre-Pay program requires a $50 minimum balance, which will go toward your electric bill. You will receive text or email alerts when your balance reaches $20. That’s when you know to add more money.
And here’s some really good news: If you’re already a member of SAEC and have paid a deposit, your deposit will go directly toward your Pre-Pay account. In other words, it immediately goes toward your electric bill.

How do I get started with Pre-Pay?

To join the Pre-Pay program, you’ll need access to either a smartphone or a computer with internet capabilities. To learn more about Pre-Pay or to sign up, visit our office at 13192 U.S. Highway 231 in Troy. You can also call us at 1-800-556-2060, and one of our representatives will be happy to go over the program with you.