My Usage offers more options for members

We know that you can’t always come to our office when you have a question or want to make a payment. So we’re working to expand the information you can access right from your phone, laptop or tablet.
South Alabama Electric is committed to helping our members better understand and manage their energy consumption. For sev­eral years, members have used our My Meter program to monitor their daily kilowatt usage, track impact weather has on their bills, and set up threshold notifications so that high usage days don’t add up to a surprise at the end of the month.
This month, SAEC will be changing to a new program called My Usage. Through My Usage, you’ll still be able to monitor your daily energy use and receive alerts through email and text, however, this program will allow us to offer new features and payment options down the road.
If you’re currently using My Meter, don’t worry. Converting to My Usage is a simple process.
My Usage is an easy-to-use web based application that allows you to have real-time access to your accounts. It’s a safe and secure way to view account information, pay your bill or request service from the co-op. Any payment you make is updated real-time through the program and sent to our office. If you have multiple accounts, you can view them all.
To log in or set up an account, click here or the green button at the bottom of the page and make sure you have a copy of your latest electric bill because you’ll need your account information to create an account.

How does it all work?

SAEC receives your meter reading each night around midnight. That usage is updated each night and made available for you. You can easily see how many kWh you used each day and also see the high and low temperatures for the day.
The program also allows you information to your previous billing information as well. You can easily see a copy of your bill and any payments that have been made on the account.
If you sign up for alerts, you’ll start receiving them beginning at 7 AM unless you specify a specific time of day.
Alerts can include:
Members can sign up to receive a message alerting them 12 days prior to the Due Date of their current billing statement. The due date is included in the message.
The message can be sent two (2) days prior to your due date to help you avoid late fees or disconnection. The amount due is included in the message.
You can receive a message after any payment is made to your ac­count. The amount paid is included in the message.
You can sign up for daily usage notifications. Each morning you’ll receive a message containing your electric usage for the previous day.
You can opt to receive a message when your account usage ex­ceeds a value specified by you. If your home averages 50 kWh per day normally and set a threshold at 50, if you use 65 kWh you’ll be notified the next day that you used more than expected. The mes­sage allows you to make sure nothing is wrong at your home, or identify what might have caused the increased usage without it go­ing unnoticed for several days. Message include kWh amount and max threshold currently set by the Member.
To create the alerts, you’ll need to register for My Usage log in and select notifications from the menu. You’ll receive an email or text with a validation code that must be entered to set up your alerts.
My Usage allows you the ability to pay your account online as well.
In addition, we offer many other convenient ways to pay includ­ing: Levelized, e-bill, and over the phone by calling 877-566-0611. To pay by phone, you’ll need to have your account number handy and ready to enter the numbers when prompted.
We hope you are excited to try My Usage. If you have any ques­tions, please call 800-556-2060.
Link to My Usage