Water Heater Program

The program provides members with opportunities to obtain super insulated 50 gallon water heaters. To qualify for a free water heater, members must have an active account and agree to participate in the H2O Plus Program.  Please call the Cooperative to see if you qualify for one of these water heaters.

H20 Plus Program 

The H2O Plus program is simple. We equip  your water heater, at no cost to you, with a special device that allows our power supplier - PowerSouth Energy Cooperative - to cycle the unit off for short periods of time (usually between two and four hours). When the water heater cycles, the elements will power down and restart in time for you to maintain plenty of hot water in the tank.

By managing energy use when demand is high (those periods when our system is experiencing high energy consumption), our supplier can reduce the demand for energy when the costs are the highest.  The H2O program will not cause a noticeable drop in the dollar amount of your monthly power bill. But when we combine your efforts, with those across the entire network of participating members in the region, the impact on future costs can be significant.

The H2O program is about managing peak demands and helping our system better meet the future energy needs of our members.

Contact a member service representative today to learn more about the in H2O Plus program. You can reach us toll-free at 1-800-556-2060.