Wallet Feeling the Heat?

Wallet Feeling the Heat?
Posted May 24th, 2022

While SAEC’s rates don’t go up during the summer, a higher than expected bill can make it feel like they have. But by making a few changes around the house, you can keep cool without sweating your bill.

A spot in the shade — Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep sunlight from heating your home. Open them back up in the evening when the temperature cools off.

Light things up — Traditional incandescent lightbulbs waste energy on heat. Upgrading to more efficient LED bulbs will keep your home cooler and save you money throughout the year.

Your biggest fan — Run a ceiling fan counterclockwise to cool a room down. If you don’t have a fan in your home, a portable fan can provide a nice breeze just as well.

Get your grill on — Stoves and ovens can raise the kitchen temperature by 10 degrees. Cooking on the grill outside keeps your home cool while you enjoy the summer sun.

Clean and cool — Most energy used when washing clothes is from heating the water. Use cold water instead to lower your electric bill, and air-dry clothes if the weather is right.

Hot tech — Be careful where you put electronics that give off heat like TVs or lamps. Placing them close to the thermostat can fool it into thinking your home is hotter than it is.