Call 811 Before You Dig

Call 811 Before You Dig
Posted Mar 25th, 2022

April is Safe Digging Month across the state of Alabama, and it’s easier than ever to put safety first on your next home project.

Digging without first checking for underground utility lines not only runs the risk of interrupting service to your home and for your neighbors, but it can also result in serious personal injury. Many utility lines are buried just a few inches below the ground. So even if you’re only planning a small gardening project, it’s important to call before you dig.

If you plan to dig on your property, protect yourself and your community by following these simple steps:

  1. CALL — Dial 811 two to three days before digging starts in order to notify your local one-call center of your plans. You can also make a request online at The center will then notify any affected utilities in your area.
  2. WAIT — Do not start digging until the relevant utilities have had time to respond to your request. On average, it will take the center two to three days to provide you a list of utilities that were notified.
  3. MARK — Confirm that all utilities have responded to your request by checking the list provided by the center. Make sure each one has marked any underground lines on your property.
  4. AVOID — Follow the marks provided by each utility. Respect them and avoid digging on any marked ground. If the marks are hidden or disrupted during your work, call 811 to have them re-marked.
  5. DIG — Be aware when you dig. If it isn’t possible to avoid digging near the marked areas, consider moving your project to another part of your property.