Glenn Reeder Retires from Board of Trustees

Glenn Reeder Retires from Board of Trustees
Posted Mar 26th, 2021

After decades of service to the members of South Alabama Electric Cooperative, Glenn Reeder has retired from the board of trustees. He served on the board to represent the members of District 7 after a distinguished military career.

Reeder joined the Army right after graduating high school in 1949. He was deployed to Korea the next year, but not before marrying his high school sweetheart, Eloise. While overseas, he was wounded and earned a Purple Heart. He was later commissioned as an officer and served two tours in Vietnam in 1961 and 1971.

After retiring, Reeder was stationed at Fort McPherson in Atlanta, where he also worked as a comptroller for a small hospital. In 1974, he and the family moved to Jack, Alabama, to be closer to relatives. He took a job at New Hope Junior High School, where he worked as both the principal and a math teacher.

Reeder would later work at Fort Rucker, ensuring that military units in the region were well-supplied in the event of conflict. Even after his career came to an end, Reeder was still ready to serve his community. When SAEC asked him to fill a vacant seat on the board, he accepted and would later be elected to continue by the members.

“He just has a servant’s heart,” says his daughter, Gay Curtis. “SAEC was a perfect fit for him. He loved being part of something that was essential to the rural community.”

Reeder continues to take pride in the work the board did to make sure SAEC always had the assets and staff it needed to meet the needs of its members. His optimistic outlook helped him maintain positive working relationships with his fellow board members and cooperative leaders alike, with a constant focus on doing what was best for the community.

“Mr. Reeder always took his training classes very seriously. I’m sure it was from his military background,” says General Manager David Bailey. “At the board meeting following his training classes, we would ask Mr. Reeder to share what he learned in class. He would open his notebook and begin to explore his pages and pages of detailed notes. He took his position as trustee very seriously, and I will miss that dedication to serving the member.”

Even in retiring, Reeder was hoping to better serve the cooperative by making room for someone new. He now looks forward to doing more reading, serving however he can at Roeton Baptist Church, and spending more time with his two children, four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.