COMING SOON: Voting Packet in Your Mailbox!

COMING SOON: Voting Packet in Your Mailbox!
Posted May 27th, 2021

Please note:
Deadline for returning your signed ballot is June 22.

Democratic member control is a core principle of South Alabama Electric Cooperative, and our board of trustees wants to make participating in the cooperative as easy as possible.

To help in that goal, the board is proposing amendments to the cooperative’s bylaws to make voting in elections:

  • SAFE: As we learned in the pandemic, it is important to have options to be able to conduct business. The proposed mail-in ballot process will place the highest priority on the health of our members and employees.
  • CONVENIENT: Work schedules, childcare and driving distance will no longer hinder participating in the election. You can take part in the cooperative from the convenience of your home.
  • OPEN: At SAEC, you have a voice, and by voting on the proposed mail-in balloting process bylaw change you will ensure your voice is heard.

SAEC’s Board of Trustees recommends approval and adoption of the amendments to the bylaws.

Watch for your packet containing details and your ballot coming in early June.

 Please contact our office if you have any questions or have not received your packet by mid-June at 334.566.2060