Wide-Open Spaces

Wide-Open Spaces
Posted Jul 29th, 2020

At South Alabama Electric Cooperative, our linemen respond to outages caused by everything from wildlife on the wires to car accidents damaging power poles. But one of the most common causes of outages on the system is simply falling debris disrupting power lines.

When storms and high-speed winds hit our system, they can bring loose tree limbs and other debris down on electric lines and interrupt your service. These outages are frustrating for members and time-consuming to repair, which is why SAEC trims any trees or vegetation growing too close to our lines.

Maintaining that space around lines, or right of way, is essential to helping SAEC provide affordable and reliable electric service. However, because the cooperative maintains hundreds of miles of lines, we also depend on our members to help out by staying aware of rights of way on their own property.

If you plant new trees or other tall plants near power lines or electrical equipment, please account for right-of-way space before deciding on placement. Keeping distribution lines safe and clear of obstructions is just one way we can all save money while making sure the lights stay on. 

- Clear the way -

SAEC clears growth 15 feet from each side of an active power line. This means:
Clearing 30 feet of space around active singe and three-phase poles.

Do your part: Maintain a “safe zone” when planting trees.