Posted Jan 22nd, 2020


Though winters in southern Alabama tend to be mild, sometimes extreme temperatures impact the area — leading to increased power usage for residents. 
The resulting increased energy consumption can add up quickly on a monthly bill, but South Alabama Electric Cooperative members can reduce any surprises when they sign up for prepay billing. The pay-as-you-go program provides customers with power usage alerts that keep them regularly informed about their consumption habits and account balances, information that statistics indicate helps members reduce their overall usage.
Prepay acts similarly to how drivers fill their cars with gasoline. Members start with a minimum account balance of $50, which is then applied to their daily power usage. When the account runs low, they add more money to pay for more electrical usage — like putting more gas in a car.
Prepay program benefits

• Eliminates deposits and monthly bills

• Customizes payment schedules

• Allows customers to buy electricity when convenient

• Helps customers monitor usage

Members can elect to receive daily account alerts via text or email, and the Prepay program will alert them when their account balances fall below $20.

If an account balance hits zero, the system will wait until 11 a.m. the next day to disconnect the power. Since SAEC’s meters disconnect and reconnect automatically, members do not incur disconnect and reconnect fees.

In addition to helping those who desire to monitor their electric usage more closely, the prepay billing provides SAEC’s members with flexibility in how to pay their bills. It eliminates monthly bills, which may better serve customers who may want or need to cover their electric bills weekly or biweekly.

Some members may even opt to purchase several months’ worth of power at one time.

Members can monitor their usage and balances through the SAEC Connect smartphone app. To sign up for prepay, call SAEC at 1-800-556-2060 or visit the SAEC office at 13192 U.S. Highway 231 in Troy.