A New Look for the Annual Meeting

A New Look for the Annual Meeting
Posted Oct 9th, 2020

South Alabama Electric Cooperative has been proud to conduct our annual meeting the same way for more than 35 years. While our older members might remember different locations for the annual get-together, the agenda has always been familiar. We come together as a cooperative to share good food, the fellowship of our neighbors and quality entertainment. Then we get down to business with elections and a rundown of the state of the cooperative for everyone present.

This year, the potential health risks associated with such a large gathering required us to rethink that tradition. The safety of our members and employees is always the highest priority at SAEC, and it quickly became apparent to the board of trustees there was no safe way to hold this year’s annual meeting in the usual format.

In a normal year, we would be excited to welcome between 1,200 and 1,500 members to our annual meeting. Even at a facility the size of the Pike County Cattlemen’s complex, there would be no way to host that many people while observing the necessary social distancing protocols to keep our members safe.

Still, the annual meeting is too important for our cooperative to simply skip it. Not only is it a time when we come together as a community, but it is also part of SAEC’s core mission. 

Democratic member control is one of our seven cooperative principles that guide everything we do. And there is nowhere our members get to participate in that democratic process more than at the annual meeting. Members have the chance to voice their ideas and concerns directly to cooperative leaders and cast votes for who they think should represent them on the board of trustees.

In order to preserve that member participation while still protecting our community, SAEC’s leadership and board decided to hold this year’s annual meeting in a new drive-thru format. As you can see on the following page, it will work a little differently from our usual event. But most importantly, it will be just as easy for members to make their voices heard.

A live performance is the only part of the traditional annual meeting missing from this year’s event. Each member will still receive a goody bag, get a sack lunch and be included in a drawing to win door prizes.



Tuesday, Oct 27

Pike County Cattlemen’s Association complex in Troy 

Make your voice heard at this year’s socially distanced annual meeting.
Register, vote and enter prize drawings, all without leaving your car. 


Each member who registers and votes will receive a $50 credit to their bill. 

In fact, every member who registers and votes will be a winner, because each will receive a $50 credit to their electric bill the following month. Members will only receive one credit per membership. For example, if a member has five separate accounts they will only receive one $50 bill credit.

We know these changes may be difficult for some members, but you can be confident that all of us at SAEC are hard at work making sure every step of the process runs smoothly. The Pike County Sheriff ’s Department will be present to help direct traffic, and cooperative employees will be positioned all along the traffic route to answer any questions you may have.

By keeping this year’s annual meeting socially distant, we can ensure that our members still have a voice in their cooperative while also protecting the health and safety of our community. We look forward to seeing you there!



  • 10 a.m. — The drive-thru annual meeting begins.
  • SAEC asks members not to arrive before this time to prevent traffic congestion in drive-thru lanes.
  • Bring your annual meeting registration card, received by mail, to register.
  • Members will receive a goody bag and hamburger from the cooperative.
  • Every member who registers and votes will be entered for the door prize drawings to be held at a later date.
  • 2 p.m. — The drive thru-annual meeting ends.


  • Enter Cattleman Complex from Highway 231.
  • Follow directions to the registration area.
  • There will be three drive-thru lines available to register and vote. Have your registration card ready.
  • When done, exit behind the Pike County Cattlemen’s complex onto Pike County Road 5520 and follow the signs to return back Highway 231.



This year’s drive-thru annual meeting lets members be an active part of their cooperative without ever leaving the car. Plan to arrive no earlier than 10 a.m., and follow the steps below to register, vote and get your $50 bill credit.


Enter the Pike County Cattlemen’s Association’s Cattleman Complex from Highway 231 and follow directions to the registration area.


There will be three drive-thru lines available. Present your registration card to an SAEC employee to register, vote and receive your $50 bill credit.


Follow directions to exit behind the Pike County Cattlemen’s complex back to Highway 231.