Don't drive distracted

By David Bailey, General Manager

We all want the best for the people in our lives – our family, friends, community, and others. That includes you, our members. It’s why we make safety a top priority at South Alabama Electric and devote time and energy to making everyone aware of how to stay safe around electricity. For instance, if you’re working with tall ladders, cleaning gutters or trimming trees, or undertaking other projects outside, I urge you to look up and stay safely away from overhead power lines, especially those connected to your home.
If a project involves digging, be sure to call 8-1-1 to get underground utilities marked. Help your children understand the importance of staying away from electric utility equipment, to never climb trees near power lines, and to fly kites in wide open spaces safely away from power lines.
You’ve probably heard these safety tips a thousand times. But it never hurts to be reminded. Our employees hear me stress the importance of safety over and over. But did you know, you play a role in keeping our linemen safe as well? I need your help to make sure they arrive home safely each day.
We ask our crews to work in all kinds of conditions. Whether it’s in the rain, the bitter cold, or the scorching heat of the summer. But perhaps the most dangerous place they can work is along the side of our roads.
The popularity of handheld mobile devices are making distracted driving a huge problem. Texting, watching videos, instant messages, and reading emails all take your attention away from the road. Not only is it a hazard to you, but it’s a safety hazard to your passengers and the crews working along the side of the road.
Distracted driving can lead to an accident that could have been avoided. Safety starts with awareness; not only of your surroundings but what you do in the event something does go wrong. We don’t want anyone to take a chance that could end in tragedy, and to help, SAEC has partnered with the Safe Electricity program.
I would encourage you to visit our website, and take a look at the information in our safety section. You’ll find access to life-saving information. In our links section, you’ll find access to You’ll find even more information here, including: videos, interactive games for children, online teacher resources and much more.
We have the safest, most reliable electric system of any country in the world, but we aren’t content to rest on those laurels. I value your safety and well-being and we’ll continue working to educate everyone on important safety considerations.
After all, aren’t you and the people you care about worth it? I think so. Have a great, safe day!

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