Putting in the work

By David Bailey, General Manager

If you’re a regular reader of this column, you might wonder why I’m always writing about history. Here at South Alabama Electric Cooperative, we believe considering our history not only helps us understand the past but also gives us a good indication of what may happen in the future.

This month we celebrate Labor Day, which has its own history. Labor Day was first recognized as a national holiday in the U.S. in 1894, and it was meant to celebrate our country’s laborers and the value of hard work.

After all, work holds meaning beyond a paycheck. It allows us to accomplish something outside of ourselves and to feel the satisfaction that comes with that. The Bible even tells us in 2 Thessalonians that if someone is not willing to work, then they shouldn’t eat.

We know there are many people who are unable to work for whom that verse doesn't apply. But today, we can be thankful to live in a country with a robust economy where, by and large, those who want work can find it.

At SAEC, our own history is one of always looking ahead to the future. Even now, we continue that proud tradition with the construction of a new building that will hopefully be home to this cooperative for decades to come.

The new structure will also help us serve you better, providing features like a drive-thru window and a dedicated dispatch room where employees can monitor crews and outages. You can read more in this magazine about that dispatch center and the many ways it will help us improve reliability.

Of course, for many people, Labor Day simply marks the end of summer and the start of football season. Around here, that means the return of Troy football, and this season our local team will have a new man at the helm, Chip Lindsey. Some of you may remember Chip from 2010, when he first arrived at Troy as the quarterbacks coach. For those of you who don’t, you can read more about him in this magazine.

I know I join everyone at SAEC in wishing him and our boys good luck in the coming season. I know they will work hard, and I hope all of you will take a moment this Labor Day to celebrate your own hard work that you have put in this year.

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