Willie Wiredhand Comic Book

Hey all you Willie Wiredhand aficionados and rural electrification nostalgia and history buffs out there:

Now you can “flip out” to two full 16-page 1960s-era comic books featuring our beloved spokesplug and hero on Electric Consumer’s “Willie’s World”.

Scroll down and click on these two comics, collected and shared by the Willie Wiredhand Preservation and Propagation Foundation of Indiana (an authorized and unaffiliated society dedicated to all things Willie) and produced by Cranfill Advertising Agency in Indianapolis in 1967 and 1968, which feature Willie:

  • Teaching Cousin Johnny from the city all about Power in Rural America, and;
  • Helping city people discover the joys of country living.

The first actually does offer a nice, concise history of electricity and the rural electrification movement and the second educates consumers about the annual meeting (which you’ll immediately recognize because some things in our industry obviously haven’t changed too much over the past 40-plus years!).

Cousin Johnny Discovers Power



Read how Willie helps Cousin Johnny discover Power in Rural America!

Flip open "Cousin Johnny Discovers Power" here


It's Annual Meeting Time


Read how Willie helps city people discover the joys of country living!

Flip open "It's Annual Meeting Time" here