Billing / Payment Options

Choose the Bill Payment Option that Suits You...

Bank Draft Direct Payment

Bank Draft is the most convenient, reliable and least expensive way to pay your monthly electric bill. You save time by not writing checks for the monthly payment. It also saves you the cost of postage and you no longer have to worry about your payment being lost in the mail.

Members will continue to receive a monthly bill statement which will contain all billing information and a reminder your account is on Automatic Bank Draft. Your payment will be automatically deducted from your checking account each month on the due date shown on your bill statement.

To view PDF files below on your computer, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click to Download Bank Draft Authorization Form

Credit Card Payment

South Alabama Electric Cooperative accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover in our main office location on Highway 231 in Troy. You can also pay by credit card using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System by dialing 877-566-0611. Just follow the instructions as prompted. Please have your account number and credit card information available to make a payment.

Levelized Billing

Levelized billing is designed to eliminate the drastic fluctuations in your monthly electric bill. Even though your bill will vary month to month, it will be based on an average monthly kilowatt hour usage. This reduces the extreme bills you experience in the late summer or winter.

Levelized billing is a great program alone or used in conjunction with the Bank Draft Direct Payment Plan.

To view PDF files below on your computer, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click to Download Levelized Billing Agreement Form

Payment Locations

Quality and convenience are just two of the ways SAEC is working to help our members. For those of you unable to drive to the cooperative office to pay your electric bill, the following locations are available for your convenience to make your monthly payments:
  • Local bank locations including
    • Regions Bank
    • Troy Bank and Trust - all branch locations
    • First Citizens - Luverne branch
  • Banks Buy Rite - Banks
  • Country One Stop – Honoraville

Payments can only be accepted at these locations on or before your due date.

Pay Where You Shop

A fast and convenient way to pay your SAEC bill while checking out at participating retailers near you like Dollar General, CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Walmart. You can find your unique bar code located on your bill statement.

List of participating businesses

Get your barcode
(You will need your account number to retrieve your barcode online).

Once you have your barcode, you can present it to the clerk at any participating store and specify the cash payment amount you would like to make.

Your cash payment will immediately be applied to your electric account.

Drop Box

We offer two 24/7 drop box options located at the drive-thru and in the vestibule area just outside the main lobby next to the kiosk. 


One of the many benefits of our new facility for our members is our drive-thru window. Members can now utilize the drive-thru window option during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Our newest payment option for our members.  Members can utilize this payment option 24/7. The kiosk is located in the vestibule just outside the main lobby entrance. The kiosk will accept credit card and cash payments.  Members must have their account number or phone number associated with their account to make a payment.

SAEC Connect Mobile App

You can pay your bill each month with the convenience of a few clicks on your phone. Use your mobile device to download the SAEC Connect app on your Apple from the App Store or Android from Google Play. The SAEC App also provides many other services such as monitoring your daily electric usage and up-to-date outage information.


E-Billing is a great, easy to use alternative. To sign up you’ll need your account number and a current email address. Just click here to download or simply complete it online below. Once you are set, members will receive a link to their statement so that you can log in and view your bill. Then you can make payments through any of the ways we offer.

E-Billing Sign-Up Form

SAEC’s Electronic Bill Statement Service gives our members the option of receiving their monthly bill statement via email instead of by a paper statement delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). By choosing to enroll in this service, you understand that E-Billing Notices will be sent to your current email address on file with SAEC and listed below. You are responsible for notifying SAEC of any email address changes in the future. Payments are due when bill statements are rendered, and late fees will be assessed if payment is not received by the due date on the bill statement. Failure to receive notifications does not exempt your responsibility for timely payment.

By completing and submitting the above information to SAEC, I am agreeing to all terms and conditions of the SAEC Electronic Bill Statement Service Agreement. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that SAEC has my correct email address. I am aware that it is my responsibility to notify SAEC of any future changes to my email address. I further acknowledge and agree that failure to receive Electronic Bill Statement notifications does not exempt my responsibility for timely payment. I am aware that late fees will be charged on any delinquent accounts and late notifications will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service.